Carnival Shootout


In Carnival Shootout the the player has to test his shooting skills at various levels. Each level takes place in a different environment and has different targets to shoot at.


Become a master in hammering!

Orchard of three foxes

It's like when DDR meets shotting game.

SpinMatch 2

Unique test of your multitasking/reflexes/time management skills.


Collect the stars as you roll and jump.

Aliens Kidnapped Betty

Aliens have kidnapped your wife

Sandwich Fever

Help small mouse to make best sandwich ever!

Magic Figures

This magician was considered to be the master of the geometrical shapes.

Juggle King

Keep the ball up in the air.

Fragile Fauna

This game is all about mouse handling in fragile ecosystems.


Make your way through 36 hazard filled stages in this action-packed platformer.