Frog Dares


Save the frog kingdom from the enemy bugs. Collect coins, find secret treasures and survive!


Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Mouse click to eat bugs.

Zombie Bullet Fly

Biochemical crisis attacks humans.

Arcane Weapon

Fight your way through these beasts by learning new moves and building up your rage.

Dirty Earthlings

You ran out of fuel and your ship crashed. Now, the human military forces want to capture you.

Flippin’ Dead

Experience Zombies, rainbows and bloodbaths all in one game, from the creators of Burrito Bison.

Undead End 2

As you are the only surviver of a team of special agents sended out to a unknown village.


Run, jump, slide and swim your way through each level.

StikeForce Kitties

Raise and dress up a powerful army of cat warriors!

Treasure Cannon

Old Templar Vaults are full of treasure! Shoot your Cannon to hit Treasure Bricks.

Guard Of The Kingdom

The kingdom needs a great commander to defend his king with the help of his loyal soldiers.

Biker vs Zombies

The sunny ocean coast is now taken over by evil zombies.