BNKR is a point and click adventure game based in the year 2052, where Androids rule the city. Where have the people gone? Figure out the deep dark secrets in this challenging and atmospherical Point & Click.


Mouse controls many aspects of the game!

Steampunk Odyssey

Help Abe to find a way out of the dark mechanical city.


Unravel the story of a magical Golem on the pursuit to discover his human side.


Protect your gold from ugly monsters and bandits!

The Lonely King

Help our lonely king to break the curse! Find the legendary horn!

Symbiosis Greenland

We thought, that we destroyed crystals last time.

Rolling Ghosts

Ghosts aren’t scary once you bring them back to life!

Command & Defend

Help the general defend the base. You have several weapons at your disposal.

Tree of Life

Travelling through space you find the Tree of Life.


SkillBall is a great new Arkanoid/Breakout game clone with 20 beautiful and well designed levels of increasing difficulty.

Monster Truck America

Race with furious Monster Truck through the big Canyon.