Into Space


Launch your rocket ship into space in the least amount of days possible.

Kill Your Nerves

Kill Your Nerves with this 100% mouse-controlled platformer.

Madpet Massacre

Help little piggie survive attacks of bloody butchers!

Pixel Purge

The world of pixels is in dark times.

Steam Droid

Liberate the steam droids in over 14 levels and take on the final big boss.

Demons Down Under

Play as a bunny and slay demons deeper and deeper into the depths of hell.

Mini Commando

Your task is to save your kidnapped family.


Ahoy! Ye want gold, aye? C'mere and get to open da chest, if ye dare.

Last Hope Bus

Drive your bus through the hordes of zombies.


Mad platformer in which your goal - hurt myself, but not to collect various goodies!

Parallel levels

This game is a logical platformer with unusual mechanics.