3LIND game


Philosophical puzzle game. Reccomended to play in headhones.


Arrows or WASD

Hungry Sumo

Eat more to grow your Sumos! Defeat the enemy with enormous fatness!


Run, jump, slide and swim your way through each level.

About a Pig

One little piggy did a lot of bad things


Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time.

Your Own Box

Your goal is to make Hem jump and reach as high as you can!

Robot Phone Home

Help a robot explore a deserted planet and find its way Home.

Reverse Boots

These boots were made for walking...and magic and adventure, too!

Red Ball 3

Roll and jump your way through each hazard-filled level of this physics-based platformer.

Keep an Eye

Help strange creatures to bring the eye to a mysterious customer through...

Diamonds and dragons

Try to get all of the diamonds, don't let the dragon catch you...