Run, jump, slide and swim your way through each level - this time, with even more traps! Will you be able to beat the whole game?

About a Pig

One little piggy did a lot of bad things


Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time.

Your Own Box

Your goal is to make Hem jump and reach as high as you can!

Bubble Creature

Rescue all creatures by poping all key bubbles in each stage.

Dream Symphony

It’s a music game with 30 types of animals

Infectonator! World Dominator

Spread your mutant infection across the entire world!

Thing-Thing Arena Pro

Complete objectives in a whole new kind of Thing-Thing Arena game.

Karting Super Go

A cartoon karting game featuring pirates, ninjas, robots, cowboys and aliens.


New gameplay for defence game, where you have to control missiles to protect the terrain.


Set your paper air-o-plane to sail with the wind!