Your Own Box


Your goal is to make Hem jump and reach as high as you can! Also collect the power ups, avoid touching the falling pins, and when it's time, jump on the enemies to defeat them! Don't forget to click on the Shopping cart icon to buy amazing upgrades for your toy. Can you get all the achievements?

Bubble Creature

Rescue all creatures by poping all key bubbles in each stage.

Dream Symphony

It’s a music game with 30 types of animals


Aim and launch paintballs to connect all the like-coloured blobs.

Juggle King

Keep the ball up in the air.

Diamonds and dragons

Try to get all of the diamonds, don't let the dragon catch you...


Paint out the shape of squares making an L-shaped move


Run, jump, slide and swim your way through each level.

Long Bus Driver 2

Try yourself as a bus driver in some residential suburb.

Push Me

It's a nice advancement of the good old slide puzzle games.

Madmen Racing

Choose from 15 crazy vehicles and race your way...