Become a master in hammering! Perform smashes, flips, double-flips and go for gold in this original skills highscores game!

Orchard of three foxes

It's like when DDR meets shotting game.

SpinMatch 2

Unique test of your multitasking/reflexes/time management skills.


Collect the stars as you roll and jump.

Aliens Kidnapped Betty

Aliens have kidnapped your wife


On this adventure game you will encounter and fly over many obstacles.

10 More Bullets

In this sequel of "10 Bullets"

The Sun for the Vampire

Play the new amazing puzzle platformer about the Vampire who want to see the Sun.


Help Firebug collect all the jellybeans.

Truck Riders

Race against opponents and win prize money!

Don’t Panic

Defend the alien base from the unrelenting waves of evil robots.