Vehicles 2


Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and restore peace to the streets.

Cut And Kill: Halloween

Halloween monsters coming! Cut wood and kill monster in 36 dark and mystical levels!

Totems Awakening

Launch coconuts at the sleeping totems to wake them up.

Gluey 2

Remove clusters of like-coloured blobs in order to clear each level.

Rich Mine 2

Strategically cut the ropes guide the gems to the gnome in each level of this fun physics-based puzzle.

Duck and Roll

Duck And Roll is a game in which you have to help a duck to get back into the water.

Acid Bunny 2

Acid Bunny comes back!

Spore Runner

Keep on running! Avoid monsters, collect seeds, and get the top score.

Keep an Eye

Help strange creatures to bring the eye to a mysterious customer through...

Synapsis 2

Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game

Ninja Miner

Use your supernaturally quick ninja skills to hunt down precious gems.