SpinMatch 2


Unique test of your multitasking/reflexes/time management skills. Enjoy the spin!


Collect the stars as you roll and jump.

Aliens Kidnapped Betty

Aliens have kidnapped your wife


On this adventure game you will encounter and fly over many obstacles.

Fragile Fauna

This game is all about mouse handling in fragile ecosystems.

Velocity Wings

A quick Sonic the Hedgehog inspired game we made for Flappy Jam!

Frantic Frigates

Shoot down enemy ships and collect coins to build new better ship.

Red’n'Green 2

Mr.Red and Mr.Green are so hungry!

Phobi Jones

Phoebe Jones is an adventurer, he like to use phobias of other creatures to solve the puzzle.


Make your way through 36 hazard filled stages in this action-packed platformer.

StikeForce Kitties

Raise and dress up a powerful army of cat warriors!