Effing Machines


Get in your mech suit and save the city from machines!

Cat God vs Sun King

You are Cat God! Using various God Powers

Learn 2 Fly

You're the penguin who learned to fly.

Don’t Panic

Defend the alien base from the unrelenting waves of evil robots.

Top Defense

You are the Commander of the space battle station.

Super Puzzle Platformer

Shoot matches of 3 or more blocks and avoid falling blocks or falling onto the spikes.


Humanity is suffering another Apocalypse.

Pixel Purge

The world of pixels is in dark times.

Super Invaders

Exciting colorful shooter with sole heroic tank defending Earth from alien invasion.

Ultimate mamma’s boy

Your Mission in this fun and intense quest, is to prove yourself and fight off massive waves

The Last Stand 2

It was meant to be over. Turns out it was far from it.