The Dreamerz


The dream machine used to ensure that everybody slept well and had good dreams but one day it broke down and the dreamerz became plagued by nightmares. A hero was needed… and one was found; you.


Repair the dream machine and restore peace to the world.. Point and click to explore and solve the mysteries.

Ultimate War

An epic strategy game between the three races Humans, Dwarves and Orcs.

Snail Bob 7:Fantasy Story

Help Snail Bob to go through a dangerous castle and defeat a dragon!

Pyro Jump

Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls.

One Button Vania

Explore a vast Metroidvania world, fight huge bosses, find items and gain level!

Mighty Knight

Thousand years ago before the age of zombies...


Teleport yourself and other items as you guide your way through an underground facility.

Vampire Academy

It is not easy to graduate from vampire academy.

Madness on Wheels

Survive in this action-packed driving game!


Take on the roll of a knight who has been invited to take part in the King's Tournament of Champions.

Fragile Fauna

This game is all about mouse handling in fragile ecosystems.