LARRY: Pup Run


Here's a fun little minigame William and I put together for you to get an idea of what larry feels like riding his trust, strange, and mentally disturbed steed 'pup'! see if you can make the high score!

Truck Riders

Race against opponents and win prize money!

Cross The Amazon

Ride through the jungle of the Amazon.

Night Ryder

Drive your bike on a low visibility and a very rough terrain.

Space Wheels

Space Wheels - control the Space buggy, collect stars, but look sharp for breakdown!

Fire Truck 2

The driving through a rough scenario, to reach and put out the fire in time.

Slingshot Garden

Use your slingshot to knock down apples from the garden!


Collect the stars as you roll and jump.

Fragile Fauna

This game is all about mouse handling in fragile ecosystems.

Robots can not think

Robots can not think, you will have to do so instead of them... find the way out.

Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door

This should give you a small dose of EVIL!