Pixel Shooter


Pixel Shooter is a game of shooting the pixels with a war tanker !

Notepad Snake

Simple variation on the snake game.

Roly-Poly Cannon 2

Roly-Polys are back, and this time they are evil!


Grow spheres to fill up the screen, while avoiding the stars.

Slash Boom

Test your logic skills in this explosive physics slicing game.

Smile Infection

Happiness is contagious! Use your skills and your aim to bring happiness to a world of sad faces.


The wait is over! In Solarmax, an amazing new space-based RTS

Aliens Kidnapped Betty

Aliens have kidnapped your wife

Diamonds and dragons

Try to get all of the diamonds, don't let the dragon catch you...

Furry Dancers

Play matchmaker and help the furries find new friends in this cute puzzle game.

Don’t Panic

Defend the alien base from the unrelenting waves of evil robots.