Match the items in groups of three or more to remove them.


To swap the items select one by click it with your mouse, and than click on an adjacent item or just drag it into adjacent cell.


You will have to look around all the rooms full of traps and riddles to find where your pet is.


Make rows of 3 or more identical badges and got scores.

Wake up the Box 2

Place objects on the play-field to wake up the box in each level.


Conquer the civilization in this switcher-strategy game.

Tarzan Ball

Tarzan Ball is the sequel to hit physics-puzzle IQ Ball!

Snail Bob 4

Join to Snail Bob on another crazy mission!

Eat Rockets

Blast the ever adorable zombies into smithereens!

Urban Rider

Urban Rider has amazing levels to thrill you!

The Real Trial

The real trials are waiting you in this moto trial game based on popular series.

Color Tanks

Enter the arena in a paint shooting battle tank, upgrade it and blast your way to victory.