Crazy Ride 2


Crazy ride is back with its wicked truck and even more devilishly fun loop-the-loops!

Danger Speed

Collect bonuses, win prizes and money to buy upgrades and new cars.

Madpet Carsurfing

Madpet are back! This time practicing surfing on the roof of the van!

Desk Rally

While every day's work seems to get boring and repetitive, you can also have fun while working.

Monster Truck Trip

Race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping balancing your truck.

Ice Rider

Ride your bike in Snow path and ice mountains balancing your wheels.

Fit It Quick

Move and fit the shapes into the right spot.

Swap It Et 3

Swap the pieces of dynamic picture - gather it

Pigs in the sky

When pigs in the sky, what should you do?

Bubble Creature

Rescue all creatures by poping all key bubbles in each stage.

Try 2 Survive

Your mission in this shooter is to destroy enemies to gain experience points.