Madpet Carsurfing


Madpet are back! This time practicing surfing on the roof of the van! Try to get as far as possible on the roof of the van, watchout for various obstacles (bird, ball, flying frisbee)! Don’t forget to collect bones, you’ll get +25 for every collected bone and 1 life for every 10 bones!


Press left/right to move, up to jump and down to crouch

Desk Rally

While every day's work seems to get boring and repetitive, you can also have fun while working.

Monster Truck Trip

Race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping balancing your truck.

Ice Rider

Ride your bike in Snow path and ice mountains balancing your wheels.

Hillblazer FMX

Upgrade your rider and your bike and attempt ten increasingly challenging stunt courses in this freestyle.

Hardcore Bike

The most difficult bike game for the real bike lovers.

Crash TV

Put your TV through a series of trail-and-error experiments in this puzzle platformer.

Tree of Life

Travelling through space you find the Tree of Life.

Kill Your Nerves

Kill Your Nerves with this 100% mouse-controlled platformer.


The wait is over! In Solarmax, an amazing new space-based RTS

Red Ball 4: Volume 2

Roll and jump your way through a deep forest.