Be a pro fireworker in this wonder- and colorful New Year game! Mark as many rockets as possible with your mouse and explode them by hitting your mouse button. The more rockets you explode at the same time the more points you will earn!

Colors in the Sky 2

In this puzzle game, you click the objects to make them explode and try to create the biggest chain reactions.


SkillBall is a great new Arkanoid/Breakout game clone with 20 beautiful and well designed levels of increasing difficulty.

Icy Gifts

A fun chain reaction game with extremely addictive gameplay.

Carnival Shootout

In Carnival Shootout the the player has to test his shooting skills at various levels.


Become a master in hammering!

Knight vs Giant

Fight monsters and upgrade your White Knight.


Bigger than a nanite! Smaller than a trash can!


Grow spheres to fill up the screen, while avoiding the stars.

Zombies In Space

Addictive zombie survival game in space setting.

Madmen Racing

Choose from 15 crazy vehicles and race your way...