Tower of Doom


It is time to be evil and destroy the human world. Use your underground fortress to build a tower and emerge from the ground to cast the ultimate destruction spell. Be careful though! These puny little humans will try to stop you.

Epic Zombie Killer

A simple tribute to endless zombie combat.

Huje Adventure

Bounce your way around an unknown asteroid.

Infectonator! World Dominator

Spread your mutant infection across the entire world!

The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy

Control an alien slug as it rains death and destruction onto a sleepy campground.

Mecharon Survival

The last mecharon is out to survive. You must fight off all the waves of enemy warriors.

Madmen Racing

Choose from 15 crazy vehicles and race your way...

Trooper Assassin 2

Gun down the enemies attacking your base!

Colony Defenders TD

Build strong defenses and lead your troops to victory against Kron Corporation's

Fragile Fauna

This game is all about mouse handling in fragile ecosystems.

Bubble Creature

Rescue all creatures by poping all key bubbles in each stage.